Like a Leaf on the Wind

By Max Li | Published: June 17, 2013

A few months ago, when school started up again, I decided to start trying to consistently maintain some reasonable level of fitness. In previous school terms, I had always tried to go to the gym, but I could never maintain the habit. But this time was different.

I didn’t change what I did at the gym; my weapon of choice has always been running. As I dragged myself out of bed every other morning for a few weeks, I still wanted to skip out pretty much every time. But after that bumpy start, the momentum I was building by running consistently just kept me going (pun very intentional). It was still difficult to start each run, but once I started it was pretty easy to keep on going.

I’ve noticed quite a few things since I’ve started. Running really does help keep stress levels in check; without it, I think this past school term would have been impossible. My energy levels have improved (caveat: I still seem to have the same net amount of energy, but at least I can run more in a day). Finally, running seems to be akin to taking a shower (well, in some ways); I’ve experienced many moments of clarity for solving problem sets while running.

Running takes up a fair chunk of my time. But it hasn’t taken over my life; rather it has become a fantastic and rewarding pursuit. I run for the awesomeness that comes of it. I trust where it will take me. I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.

(Yes, I know how the movie ends. I don’t plan a similar fate.)