Procrastinate Like Me: Blogs

By Max Li | Published: December 31, 2011

So far in this series, I’ve described two methods of procrastination which you may or may not be already implementing. In this post, I will present a method in which you are certainly already using to a certain degree: reading blogs. If you assemble a carefully chosen collection of blogs, you can learn many ways to improve your productivity and efficiency. Here are three of the most useful blogs you can read to procrastinate and still be productive.

Lifehacker is the quintessential blog for productivity tips and tricks. The writers post approximately 30 posts each weekday and a small trickle during the weekend. Whether you’re a programmer, a student or a dragon slayer (or likely many other professions), you’ll find it useful to optimize your daily life. A caveat to this broad applicability of the blog is that there are often specific posts which you will completely ignore, but that’s only a minor bother.

Study Hacks is a blog not only providing advice to become a successful student, but also for examining techniques leading to living a remarkable, successful life. That being said, I do not agree with much of the advice provided on the blog, and thus I do not practice many of the techniques. (Personally, I believe that it is more effective if you find your techniques, and then cautiously testing other methods to see if they improve upon your current situation.) Despite this, I believe that even if you don’t agree with the advice that the blog (or any blog, say for example mine) provides, it can still be useful to think about opposing opinions (if for no other reason than the fact that it’s a good mental exercise).

Finally, the third blog that you can read to procrastinate effectively is this blog. So congratulations, you’ve already achieved something today. Now go and pat yourself on the back and get back to work.